Integrating movement into your work life

Active Goods (formerly Fitneff) is one of Canada's premier suppliers of active deskssit-stand desks, sitting solutions, treadmill desks and other ergonomic office accessories.   

Fitneff is Canada's premier supplier of sit stand desks, standing desks, treadmill desks and ergonomic chairs

Integrate movement into your work life

Bringing movement to the classroom

How could we just bring movement to the office when kids are sitting all day in classrooms? Studies have found that standing desks increase the focus, improve behavior, prevent obesity, and improve collaboration. Fitneff also has active classroom solutions into our line of solutions, and we will continue to find innovative solutions that allow people to make healthy choices.

Classroom Wobble Stool

 From e-commerce to corporate and educational sales, Active Goods is dedicated to solutions that integrate movement into daily life