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"The Health of your employee has a direct correlation to the health of your company.  Is the cost of an unhealthy workplace affordable? The answer is no, it is not affordable".

Fitneff advocates that the human body is meant to move but often today’s office environment keeps employees sedentary. And prolonged sitting, which is a sedentary behavior, actually decreases workplace productivity and even morale which comes at a high cost to employers. And so we strongly suggest rethinking work habits and encourage companies to incorporate movement into the workday supporting, for example, productivity, boosting mental agility and leading to great overall returns (Source1).

1.  Movement & Physical Activity                                                                                       

2.  Corporate Wellness

3.  Sleep

4.  Nutrition

  • Healthy Eating in the Workplace

5.  Stress Management

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

6.  Back and Spine

7.  Additional External Links to Research

8.  Medical Experts

  • Online health questionnaire/ comprehensive medical screenings - Fitneff's partner - COMING SOON!



1 Source - InMovementTM