Ergotron Antimicrobial Wrist Rest

$51.99 CAD

Brand Ergotron
SKU: 97-533

Put an end to discomfort and sore wrists with Fitneff's Antimicrobial Wrist Rest. This device fits comfortable in front of your keyboard and mouse to provide support and reduce Carpal Tunnel related symptoms.  

RoHS compliant, the Fitneff Wrist Rest is just as good for the environment as it is for your own wrists. And the antimicrobial treated material not only ensures superb comfort, but provides a healthy and clean addition to your work space! 

Ergotron Part Number 97-533
  • Width: 3.55 cm (inch)
  • Height: 22.86 cm (inch)
  • Length: 41.91 cm (inch) 

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