Ergotron Storage Bin (for LearnFit® Sit-Stand Desks)

$59.99 CAD

Brand Ergotron
SKU: 97-926-064

The Ergotron Storage Bin is a convenient addition to the LearnFit® Sit-Stand Desk that allows for extra space to store desktop items.  

It’s perfectly sized for notebooks or folders and can be easily installed at different heights on the desk’s column.

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  • Smooth plastic surface that is easy to clean 

  • Task-related items are kept where they can be quickly accessed 

  • Perfectly sized for holding notebooks, folders and books 

  • Robust design with steel brackets, ensuring many years of service 

  • Attaches at any height along the desk’s column
  • Three separate compartments for flexible storage options:
    • Enclosed, top-loaded on left side
    • 3-sided, front-loaded on right side
    • Smaller, 3-sided, front-loaded in the centre



    • Part Numbers:
      • For LearnFit®: 97-926-064
      • For LearnFit® SE: 98-144-064
    • Includes molded plastic bins and mounting hardware
    • Compatible with the LearnFit® Sit-Stand Desk Short(24-547-003) and Tall(24-481-003) or LearnFit® SE Sit-Stand Desk (24-687-057)
    • Warranty: Five (5) years

    Dimensions and Weight:

    • Overall: 8"H x 8"D x 14.5"W (20 x 20 x 37 cm) 


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