Ergotron Zido Computer Cart Package

$1,349.99 CAD

Brand Ergotron

The Ergotron Zido Adjustable-Height Computer Cart Package is a ready-to-go mobile workstation solution.   The Zido Package is designed to mount most combinations of CPU, monitor, mouse and keyboard.

The fixed-height keyboard is positioned to accommodate the widest range of users.   Solid metal construction with thick wood shelving gives the Zido Computer Cart Package maximum strength and durability. 


  • Perfect solution for an entire workstation that must be moved to various locations
  • The Zido Cart Computer Cart Package comes complete with a CPU mount bracket, monitor mount bracket and a work surface for you keyboard and mouse, 
  • Durable and stable construction making the cart safe and long-lasting
  • Maneuvers in tight spaces making it ideal for use in small spaces and to move through doorways
  • A great solution for a work environment that requires you to move your entire workstation on a regular basis
  • Large cable bin to organize cords
  • Tilting monitor mount
  • Handle to easily move around
  • Equipment shelf with strap & buckle kit to hold a CPU
  • Work surface for your keyboard with plenty of space for mousing
  • Four High-quality, 4" smooth-rolling dual wheel casters (two locking) to move the Zido cart easily between locations.
  • Durable heavy cast-metal base provides a very stable base making the desk safe and long-lasting
  • Can hold up to 118 lbs (53.6 kg) of total load.
  • A product of the award winning designs of Anthro Corporation
  • The column is designed with mounting holes at 1" (2.5 cm) increments to customize your Zido cart with accessories to optimize your workstation
  • Organize your cables and power cords with an accessory Cable Bin or cable hooks. The Surge Protector accessory can provide an easy power interface for all your equipment with a single power cable to the electrical outlet.


  • Zido Computer Cart Part Number: BZD06CG/CG4
  • Colors available: Cool Grey
  • Monitor Mounting Standards: VESA MIS-D, 75/100 (hole pattern = 100 x 100 mm & 75 x 75 mm), MIS-E (hole pattern = 200 x 100 mm), MIS-F (hole pattern = 200 x 200 mm ONLY)
  • Work surface is medium-density fiberboard wrapped in highly durable thermoplastic laminate that resists cracking and chipping and stands up to a wide range of chemicals. Metal surfaces have a baked-on powder coat finish
  • Includes cable bin, handle, equipment shelf with strap & buckle, monitor pivot, monitor pole, fixed-height cart (column, lipped work surface, metal base, four 4" dual-wheel casters)
  • Weight Capacity: 118 lbs (53.6 kg) in total; 40 lbs (18.2 kg) on monitor pivot; 50 lbs (22.3 kg) on work surface; 50 lbs (22.7 kg) on equipment shelf
  • When calculating the load being applied to the cart, also factor in weight of any accessories that you add on. The listed capacity for the Zido Computer Cart Package factors the additional weight of the handle (4 lbs/1.8 kg), cable bin (9 lbs/4.1 kg), monitor pivot (5 lbs/2.3 kg), monitor pole (5 lbs/2.3 kg) and equipment shelf (9 lbs/4.1 kg). Without addition of packaged accessories, the Zido Cart’s total weight capacity = 150 lbs (68.2 kg)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Accessorize your Zido Cart with: Zido Cable Bin (Part No. ZCBCG), Zido Additional Shelf (Part No. ZCBCG), Zido Metal Bin (Part No.ZMBCG/CG), Zido Side Bin (Part No. ZSBCG), Zido Cord Hooks (Part No. ZHKCG), Zido Deep Drawer (Part No. ZDDCG/CG), Zido Drawer (Part No. ZDRCG), Zido Two-Drawer Enclosure (Part No. ZDE02CG/CG), Zido Equipment Shelf, Large (Part No. ZESLCG/CG), Zido Equipment Shelf, Medium (Part No. ZESMCG/CG),  Zido Monitor Mount (Monitor Mount), Glove Box Holder (Part No. ZGBCG), Zido Handle, for Adjustable-Height Cart or Worksurface (Part No. ZHCG), Zido Handle, for Pole Cart or Monitor Tube (Part No. ZHHCG), Zido Gel Cup & Probe Holder, Large (Part No. ZGCLCG), Zido Gel Cup & Probe Holder, Small (Part No. ZGCSCG), Zido Surge Protector, 6 outlets (Part No. 520BK), Zido Cart 26" Extension Tube (Part No. ZET26CG).  Purchase Accessories separately at, or contact for products not listed. 

Dimensions and Weight: 

  • Work surface height: 40" (102 cm) 
  • Work surface Dimensions: 25" (63.5 cm) x 20.5" (52 cm) 
  • Work surface Dimensions: 25" (63.5) x 20.5" (52 cm)
  • Equipment Shelf Dimensions: 19" (48 cm) x 11" (28 cm)
  • Base Dimensions: 25.75" (65 cm) x 21" (53 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 91 lbs (41.4 kg)
  • The Zido Computer Cart Package is shipped in 6 boxes

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