ESI Edge Slat Monitor Arm

$349.99 CAD

Brand ESI

Ideal for showrooms and configurable workspaces, the esi Edge Slat is a monitor arm that hook on securely to existing slat walls. Once mounted, the monitor will be fully adjustable: users can easily pivot, raise or lower, rotate between landscape and portrait views, tilt the monitor to preferred angles.


Full height customizability along a slat wall

Space saving

Prevent neck or back strains with full adjustability of monitors

Ideal for where touchscreen monitors are used such as, showrooms, self-serve, open concept offices


Supports monitor weight between 6.5 lb – 17.6 lb

Easy application on slat wall between 0.8” to 2.8” wide

Finger touch dynamic height adjustment range of 12.0”

Monitors supported by the arms can be adjusted individually to suit users’ preferences

Users can effortlessly rotate monitors to be landscape or portrait

VESA quick release allows users to detach monitors from arms with ease


General Specifications

13.0” arm extension

3.0” arm retraction

+90° to -25° monitor tilt

±90° VESA rotation with quick release

Monitor arm maximum weight capacity: 17.6 lb

Warranty: 15 years