iMovR Cable Management Kit

$65.99 CAD

Brand iMovR

With the Cable Management Kit from iMovR, you can organize all your loose cables into one, easy-to-use area. If you have a lot of devices on your desktop that require power, it can be difficult to coordinate cords in a manageable and attractive way, particularly with height-adjustable workstations. This cable management kit comes in either a Basic or Advanced model dependent on your needs so that you don't have to deal with messy tangles or unexpected unplugs. 


  • Arrange your cables in an attractive, user-friendly manner 
  • More durable and sturdy pieces relative to other cable management kits; higher weight rating to manage even the largest of cables  
  • Reusable pieces that can adapt to addition or removal of cables; not a one-time use kit that can't accommodate your changing needs 
  • No tools required for installation 
  • Adhesive mounting brackets that stay in one place, but can clip open or closed to add or remove cords 
  • Woven cable sleeve that is easily installed to keep cords protected and neat 
  • Reusable cables ties 
  • Magnetic cable guides that can be moved around wherever you need them 
  • No-tools-required cable trough to neatly organize surge protector and cable bundles underneath desk surface. Can withstand up to 20 lbs. (Advanced Kit) 
  • Heavy-duty, seven-plugin power strip with built-in surge protector. Neatly fits into cable trough and has a 12' cord to avoid running out of slack even when desk is at its highest setting (Advanced Kit) 

Basic Cable Management Kit: 

  • 10 releasable cable ties (5 inches long) 
  • 10 single-use cable ties (7 inches long) 
  • 6 high-tack adhesive mounting brackets for attaching to the bottom of the desk surface, rated to 20 lbs. each 
  • 3 neodymium supermagnet cable guides for guiding the cable bundle alongside any metal frame parts, like down the legs 
  • A 6-foot braided, wrap-around cable sleeve (can be trimmed to size) 

Advanced Cable Management Kit: 

Includes all of the items in the basic kit as well as: 

  • Seven-outlet power strip with built-in surge protector and 12' long cord 
  • Discreet 24"-long cable trough to house power strip and bundled cables out of sight 

*Both kits available in either black or grey 

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