KidsFit Stepper Desk

$1,423.99 CAD

Brand KidsFit

The Stepper Desk by KidsFit produces a positive outlet for the extra energy that students have, allowing them to focus better on the tasks at hand. The resistance in the stepper pedals allows students to use their body weight to shift back and forth, thus integrating key movement into the day. The motion is deliberate and controlled, and the steppers are quiet and non-disruptive, so students can continue with their work without distracting others around them. Recommended for students in middle and high school. 


  • Allows children to be in motion while they learn, which has been proven to produce better focus, attention and retention. This elevates the learning environment to the next level 
  • Produces a kinesthetic classroom, which is much more conducive to learning than a traditional one 
  • Integrates movement into the daily lives of students, helping to reduce the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle 
  • Quick and simple assembly for no hassle 
  • Stepper foot rests 
  • Available for either one or two users at a time 
  • Expansive desktop to fit all student supplies 
  • Highly durable construction to withstand wear and tear 
  • Includes rubber safety caps and floor levelers to protect floors and provide stability 


  • Colour: Base: Black, Table top: Blue  
  • Age Range: 11-Adult 
  • Weight Limit per Person: 250 lbs 
  • Resistance: Yes 

Dimensions and Weight: 

  • Finished Product Weight: 64 lbs. - 340 lbs. (dependent on number of desks chosen) 
  • Length: 40"-113", Width: 28"-121", Height Range: 35" to 50" (dependent on number of desks chosen) 

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