Online Office Ergonomics Course and Self-Adjustment Tool

$49.95 CAD

Brand EWI Works
SKU: ewi003

A synergistic combination of office ergonomics training and self-adjustment. The added self-adjustment enables the trained user to correctly adjust their workstation and identifies whether there is a need for a professional assessment. Some minor equipment and furniture may also be recommended for improved comfort. For example, in some cases a footrest may be recommended. For most people with reasonably adjustable workstations, the training and self-adjustment will be sufficient. This proactive and educational approach promotes efficient use of resources and identifies potential issues before discomfort develops.

This course can be completed remotely while employees are at home. Employees can use the self-adjustment tool to adjust their home office workstation. Great to maintain healthy office habits while working remotely. 

This course is hosted online through LearnUpon. Once you purchase the course, you will receive an email from LearnUpon with instructions on how to access your account and your newly purchased ergonomic course. Happy learning! 

Duration: 45 Minutes

Content: 2 Module

Difficulty: Basic