Online Safe Use of Sit-Stand Workstations Course

$21.95 CAD

Brand EWI Works
SKU: ewi001

This online course is designed for users working in office environments. Throughout the course, users will learn about:

  • Types and mechanisms of sit-stand workstations
  • Benefits and precautions of using sit-stand workstations
  • Proper setup and use of sit-stand workstations
  • Importance of reach zones, rotations, movement, and breaks

This course is hosted online through LearnUpon. Once you purchase the course, you will receive an email from LearnUpon with instructions on how to access your account and your newly purchased ergonomic course. Happy learning! 

This course can be completed remotely while employees are at home. Employees can learn the importance of movement while working from home. This course is a great asset in maintaining healthy office habits while working remotely. 

Duration: 10 Minutes

Content: 1 Module

Difficulty: Basic