FootFidget Standing Desk Conversion Kit

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SKU: SD10-19

With the Standing Desk Conversion Kit with FootFidget®, you can convert your standard classroom desk into a dynamic workspace that incorporates both ergonomic positioning and regular movement. Rather than getting distracted with fidgety handsstudents can press against the flexible resistance band to release energy in a positive way, which in turn can lead to better focus and retention. Plus, with the simple exchange of the old leg extensions for the new, students can take advantage of a standing position in any classroom setting. 


  • Encourages ergonomic positioning and regular movement throughout the day 
  • Releases extra energy in a positive, non-disruptive way, helping students to maintain focus 
  • Converts existing classroom desks into a more dynamic, ergonomic workspace 
  • Flexible resistance band 
  • Foam tube to rest foot on 
  • Four clamps and clamp covers to attach to desk 
  • Four desk leg extensions 
  • Lightweight design that can attach to most standard classroom desks 
  • Materials: Stainless steel, steel, PVC, plastic, rubber, elastomer (rubber with nylon covering)
  • Weight: SD10-19 - 6.7 lbs; SD10-24 - 7.6 lbs; SD78-24 - 7.3 lbs

Sizing Guide: 

  • 1" Diameter 19" Long Legs: Depending on desk style, desks will reach height between 31" and 36"  
  • 1" Diameter 24" Long Legs: Depending on desk style, desks will reach height between 35" and 41"  
  • 7/8" Diameter 24" Long Legs: Depending on desk style, desks will reach height between 35" and 41" 

Standing Desk Measuring Guide: 

  1. Remove leg extension from current desk. Measure the diameter. Is it 7/8” or 1”? 
  2. Measure from the desktop to screw hole on stationary leg attached to desk. Match to Column A 
  3. Measure student standing from elbow to floor. This is student’s correct desk height. Match to Column B or C on Chart. 

Inches from Desktop 
to Screw hole 

19" extension 
desk height range 

24" extension 
desk height range 



29 1/2"to 35 1/2" 



30 1/2" to 36 1/2" 



31 1/2" to 37 1/2" 


27 1/2" to 33 1/2" 

32 1/2" to 38 1/2" 


28 1/2" to 34 1/2" 

33 1/2" to 39 1/2" 


29 1/2" to 35 1/2" 

34 1/2" to 40 1/2" 


30 1/2" to 36 1/2" 

35 1/2" to 41 1/2"

*Stool not included in conversion kit

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