Swiftspace Solo Workstation

$6,999.99 CAD


The Solo Workstations from Swiftspace are a revolutionary design that completely take the hassle out of setting up a workstation. With a wide range of flexibility and customization on units, you can set up the workspace that you want in a matter of minutes. The desk, cubicle walls and storage units are all constructed in a foldable design, which means that moving office spaces or doing reconfigurations has never been easier. Anytime you want to transport your desk, simply fold up the unit and roll it into place on the accompanying wheels. Integrate movement into your day with a truly movable workstation. 


  • Ships fully assembled. No parts or pieces to deal with; all-in-one unit 
  • Set up and take down in seconds with no tools
  • No professional installers required. Very easy set-up with no installation necessary; just unfold and go 
  • Every workstation is MOBILE and is fully portable. This means that if you ever need to move office spaces, you don’t have to leave behind thousands of dollar’s worth of furniture 
  • Completely customizable to fit all of your needs 
  • Long Lasting Durability: While Swiftspace products make permanence an option, they are built to withstand punishment day in and day out without failing. The best materials have been selected so that Swiftspace products will make the long haul with you and your company.
  • Save Time & Money: Pay competitive prices today, but save tremendous amounts of money and time tomorrow with Swiftspace. There is no need to hire a professional team to install or reconfigure your office when you invest in the easily-maneuverable Swiftspace solutions.
  • Increased Productivity: Get more out of your employees when morale is high and innovation is supported. The Swiftspace product line allows your office to have the best of both worlds – private workstations to drown out distractions and open spaces for positive collaboration
  • Flexibility: Today, tight deadlines have employees tied to their desks, but tomorrow a prospective client will require innovative collaboration. With Swiftspace it is possible to accommodate the needs of the staff with easily-maneuverable workstations that make your office perfectly adaptable.
  • Easily Scalable: Success in the modern business world requires adaptability. Swiftspace office solutions will grow or shrink with your changing company dynamics. With the ability to fold down to very manageable dimensions, these work spaces can be stored away or set up at a moment’s notice.
    • Four wall heights available to choose from: Social (29″) Solo (41″) Solo + (52″) Summit (66″)
    • Three desk lengths available to choose from: Space saver (54″ open) 5×5 (60″ open) 6×6 (72″ open).  You can mix and match to choose a combination of sizes.
    • Three laminate finishes available to choose from  
    • Two configurations to choose from, L-shaped or straight 
    • Fully foldable design for complete portability 
    • Accompanying wheels that lock in place when unit is stationary 
    • Can combine with accessories like monitor mounts, extra shelves and binder bins 
    • There are so many different combinations to choose from with the Solo Workstations. Contact us with some information about your space and we will put you in touch with a sales representative in order to match your exact needs. 
    • All Solo Workstations ship within nine business days 

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