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Safco Twixt Saddle Seat Stool

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Brand Safco
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A saddle chair encourages better posture.  With your hips engaged and your posture upright the Twixt Saddle Seat by Safco helps to strengthen your core and may allow for better breathing from your diaphragm. 

The Twixt Saddle Seat Stool comes in both sitting and extended height. This ergonomic and adjustable height chair has a flexible ring base allows the user to adjust the angle and keep moving throughout the day.  The angle of the seat also adjust independently of the base creating another axis of movement.

These are great for use with various height desks and counters in both the office and the classroom.



  • Promotes greater movement in workplaces and classrooms
  • The stools are designed to encourage active movement and will engage major muscle groups to help combat the negative effects of inactivity and sedentary behavior 
  • Helps to support better posture and balance 
  • Helps to strengthen your core and may allow for better breathing from your diaphragm.
  • Suitable for any user with adjustable height, seat tilt and ability to lean on flexible ring base.
  • Easy to clean black vinyl seat cover
  • Adjustable saddle seat for sitting or perching. 
  • The seat tilts independent of the base, allowing for additional axis of movement.
  • The flexible ring base allows for both sitting and learning to increase movement and choice of sitting postures
  • Height adjusts to fit a variety of users and work surface heights
  • 300 lb (136 kg) weight capacity
  • Black vinyl material seat cover.


  • Adjustability: Flexible ring base and seat that tilts independent of base
  • Paint / Finish: Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Colors: Black
  • Upholstery: Vinyl
  • Material(s): Steel, Aluminum
  • Stackable: No
  • Assembly Required:  Yes

Dimensions and Weight: 

Model 3005BV Sitting Height Product Information

  • Model Number: 3005BV
  • Adjustability - Height: 19" - 24"
  • Capacity - Overall: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Finished Product Dimensions: 15" W x 14¼" D x 24" H
  • Finished Product Weight: 14.4 lbs
  • Overall Depth: 14¼"
  • Overall Height: 24"
  • Overall Width: 15"
  • Seat Height: 19"
  • Seat Size: 15" W x 11⅝" D

Model 3006BV Extended Height Product Information

  • Model Number: 3006BV
  • Adjustability - Height: 23" to 33"
  • Capacity - Overall: 300
  • Finished Product Dimensions: 15" W x 14 3/16" D x 32 11/16" H
  • Finished Product Weight: 27.4 lbs
  • Overall Depth: 14 3/16"
  • Overall Height: 32.7"
  • Overall Width: 15"
  • Seat Height: 23"
  • Seat Size: 15" W x 11⅝" D

Shipping Information: 

Model 3005BV Sitting Height Product Information

  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • CARTON_HEIGHT: 11.75"
  • CARTON_WEIGHT: 16.2 lbs

Model 3006BV Extended Height Product Information

  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • CARTON_DEPTH: 18.5"
  • CARTON_HEIGHT: 11.75"
  • CARTON_WIDTH: 17.6"
  • CARTON_WEIGHT: 17.6 lbs

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