It is now easier for busy people to make healthy choices by integrating healthy solutions into their daily lives – at home, at work, and on the go. We asked the staff at Muzooka to see how the WalkTop Treadmill desk could make a difference in their daily work and productivity.

From coding invoices to writing reports, your time on the WalkTop treadmill desk can be productive and engaging. ‘For what I would do on a daily basis, sitting at my desk, I was able to do on the treadmill,’ mused one Muzooka staffer. ‘For me, it was definitely a gain. When I was uncomfortable, and I got up, I was able to get myself focused on the work.’  Muzooka staff were able to seamlessly integrate the WalkTop Treadmill desk into their work routine and improve productivity. ‘If anything, I was more productive than I would have been trying to sit at my desk. It didn’t take away from my work experience; it enhanced it.’

‘It didn’t take away from my work experience; it enhanced it.’

Effortless to adjust, the height and incline can be changed at any time to accommodate multiple users or alternate between various settings to maximize comfort throughout the day. Muzooka staff found it was easy to install the WalkTop treadmill desk and make adjustments. ‘Someone needs to try it to see how easy it is to use it.’

Finding relief from long periods of sitting at work can be a challenge. The team at Muzooka were inspired by the opportunity to be up and moving while remaining productive. ‘Instead of leaving the office and going for a walk, which is what I would often do, I would get up and get on the treadmill, and I was still able to get some work done.’ Being active and maintaining productivity is easy when the WalkTop Treadmill desk becomes part of your daily routine.

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