The Ideal Step Count and How to Increase Yours

The Ideal Step Count and How to Increase Yours

Yesterday was National Walking Day! We love this holiday for its encouragement to get people up and walking around. In honour of the day, we decided to discuss the idea of getting enough steps and how you can improve your step count throughout the day.
April 05, 2018 — Kate Spenst
Stand and Move for a More Productive Day at Work

Stand and Move for a More Productive Day at Work

For almost a year now, Tina Kessler Marquis has been working with a DT2 sit-stand desk at work. She knew that she was sitting too much, and that her days at the office felt long and tiresome, but she didn't realize the true culprit until she made the switch. Since switching to a sit-stand desk, she's standing and moving more and more throughout the day. She feels a renewed sense of energy and focus at work, and she's happy to share her story here today!
March 01, 2017 — Heather Lielmanis
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No longer sitting down on the job: one executive's Walktop experience

You could say that Jim Wachtel occupies a front-row seat in the corporate health and wellness industry. And, because of his job as a health care cost-containment strategist, he spends a lot of time in that seat, whether it’s in his office, in his car, or on an airplane travelling for work.

But, he's literally taking steps toward better health without compromising his productivity. Read how he's no longer sitting down on the job with the Walktop Treadmill desk by Fitneff. 

February 23, 2017 — Janine Dilger
CEO Recommends Prioritizing Health to Succeed in your Career

CEO Recommends Prioritizing Health to Succeed in your Career

Debby Carreau, the Founder and CEO of Inspired HR, is a leader, an entrepreneur and an author who provides Human Resources solutions to companies across North America. Debby also uses a WalkTop Treadmill Desk, that she has incorporated it into her weekly routine. I spoke with Debby to learn more about how she manages her work, family and personal life so effectively, and what role the WalkTop plays in allowing her to achieve her goals.  
February 15, 2017 — Heather Lielmanis
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January Health Check: How healthy is your company?

As January draws to a close, it’s time to take stock on how the New Year is shaping up and whether your corporate resolutions are still standing.

A few weeks ago we issued a call to action for businesses to take a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their employees; we asked them to—literally—step up their efforts to engage employees and get them moving throughout the workday.

So, 3 weeks in, how are you doing? 

January 26, 2017 — Janine Dilger
10 Ways to Integrate Movement into Your Work Life

10 Ways to Integrate Movement into Your Work Life

At the beginning of each year, many of us set new goals for ourselves in hopes of making the year ahead the best year yet. We often think first of our wellness, and resolve to live a more active, healthy lifestyle. But, how do we do this, exactly?  

In order to stick to our resolutions, we need to make a few changes to our daily lives. Here is a list of 10 simple things that you can do to easily integrate movement into your workday.  

January 13, 2017 — Heather Lielmanis
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2017: It's time for businesses to "Step it Up"

It’s the New Year and people across the country are a week into their resolutions for 2017. A lot of us make personal resolutions to lose weight and get fit; wouldn’t it be great if companies and corporations across the country did the same? 2017 is the year for business and community leaders to work together towards a healthier, happier workforce. It's time to "Step it Up." Janine Dilger tells us why now is the perfect time to get walking and how your company can get started. Read more...
January 06, 2017 — Janine Dilger
Moving into the New Year

Moving into the New Year

As many of us contemplate the coming year, it’s easy to think about all the ways we’re going to change our lives for the better with the turn of the calendar’s page. But New Year's resolutions don't always stick. Here's our take on why and what you can do to make effective change in 2017. To make the most of your New Year's resolutions, read more...
December 29, 2016 — Angelique McKenzie
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Top Tips for a Heart Healthy Holiday

For some time now, researchers across the US have noticed a disturbing trend: the incidence of heart attacks increases during the winter holiday season. Here are our top tips to help you take a load off and have a heart-healthy holiday season. Read more...
December 09, 2016 — Janine Dilger
Companies Embrace Wellness with Innovation and Fun

Companies Embrace Wellness with Innovation and Fun

It seems that most of us understand the need to be more healthy about the way we work. The concept of “workplace wellness” is one that organizations are embracing, and the mere existence of HR departments dedicated to employee well-being is a true sign of the times. There are so many creative ways that companies are promoting and encouraging wellness in the workplace. This article contains some truly innovative and amazing examples. Read more!
November 17, 2016 — Heather Lielmanis