Top 10 Best Height-Adjustable Standing Desks, FItneff Canada

The average office worker spends at least nine hours of the day sitting. When you think about it, that’s well over 50 per cent of typical waking hours. 

Height-adjustable standing desks are a huge wellness trend currently and are a great way to fight against this tendency towards a sedentary lifestyle. But with so many models popping up on the market, how do you decide which one is the best fit for your needs?  

At Fitneff, we carry a wide variety of standing desks, desktop conversions and mobile carts so that no matter what your office needs are you can find what you’re looking for. Check out our list of top 10 standing desks that highlights some of our best-selling products and their winning features all in one handy place. 


1) Ergotron WorkFit-T/TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation 

This desktop conversion is a great option for anyone searching for their first standing desk. It comes full assembled and can sit atop an existing worksurface to transform it into a height-adjustable workspace. It moves directly up and down with a wide range to accommodate tall users, not taking up any extra space outside of your desk’s footprintLast but not least, it is available in two sizes and two colours (black or white) in order to fit with your space and style needs. 

Ergotron WorkFit T/TL Desktop Workstation, Fitneff Canada

2) Focal Locus Standing Desk Line 

This standing desk line, comprised of the Focal Locus 4Focal Locus 5 and Focal Locus 6, is a great option for larger office spaces. The three desks are fixed standing units, meaning that they do not allow for full seating positions but do adjust to accommodate a range of heights. Each desk can also be paired perfectly with a variety of leaning stools to take tension off the feet. For example, the Focal Locus Seat was designed to match perfectly. While the standing desks all have similar functionality, the difference comes in worksurface size, with the 4 being the smallest and 6 the largest.  

 Focal Locus Standing Desk. Fitneff Canada


3) Ergotron WorkFit-LX, Sit-Stand Desk Mount System 

This sit-stand system brings ergonomic comfort to another level. It consists of two separate arms, one for your keyboard and one for your monitor. This makes it easy to adjust your workstation any way that you want, allowing for maximum comfort for a wide range of heights. Attaching to worksurfaces up to 2.5 inches thick, this is a great option that will fit into any office space. 

 Ergotron WorkFit-LX Sit-stand desk unit, FItneff Canada

4) Denali Standing Desk 

This height-adjustable desk is another great choice for larger offices. It has an expansive worksurface so that you never have to worry about fitting all of your supplies in one spot. It also has a tilting keyboard tray to allow for ergonomic comfort whether you’re in a sitting or standing position. You can easily pair it with a variety of desk accessories, including an anti-fatigue matmonitor mount and even an under-desk treadmill. 

Denali Standing Desk, Fitneff Canada 

5) WorkFit-C Sit-Stand Workstation 

If you’re in need of a desk that is a little more versatile, this sit-stand mobile cart is the ideal choice. With a worksurface, keyboard tray and durable wheels, it can fit in any area of your office you need it to and can be easily moved from room to room. This way, you can keep all your office items organized neatly in one area that you can take with you in a heartbeat. The WorkFit-C is available for either single or dual monitors.  

Ergotron WorkFit-C Sit-Stand Mobile Cart, Fitneff Canada


6) LUXOR Level Up 32 Pneumatic Adjustable Desktop 

This desktop converter is perfect for those searching for a more affordable option. Looking at this unit you wouldn’t know that it’s one of our more economical options; it is highly stylish and still offers all the ergonomic benefits that one looks for in a sit-stand desk. It comes fully pre-assembled, ready to be added to any existing worksurface you might want so that you can get standing in no time. 

 LUXOR Level Up Pneumatic Sit-Stand Desk, Fitneff Canada


7) WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation 

This height-adjustable workstation is available in two models: the WorkFit-A with Worksurface and the WorkFit-A with Suspended Keyboard. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose the model that provides the best comfort for you and best facilitates your work flow. Whichever one you choose, the entire station attaches to an existing worksurface with a single arm so that there’s no need for you to install extra desk units. Finally, each model is also available for either single or dual monitors depending on your needs. 

 Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Desk, Fitneff Canada


8) Elevate DeskTop DT1 

This sit-stand desk is a unique and convenient option for anyone who just wants to be able to stand from time-to-time throughout their day. With a simple worksurface that attaches to most desktops with a single arm, you can bring a standing workstation almost anywhere. The entire unit moves up and down in a smooth motion and can carry any laptop with ease. In other words, this height-adjustable unit is perfect for cramped apartments or offices where you still want to integrate movement. 

Elevate DT1 Sit-Stand Desk, Fitneff Canada


9) WorkFit-Z Mini Sit-Stand Desktop 

Speaking of cramped spaces, this sit-stand desk is another perfect choice when you don’t have much room to spare. This mini option can still comfortably house a monitor or laptop, keyboard and tablet, but has a smaller overall footprint so that it can fit in tight areas. This makes it ideal for corner desk units, so you can get all the benefits without all of the fuss. 

Ergotron WorkFit-Z Mini Sit-stand Desk, Fitneff Canada


10) Cascade Corner Standing Desk 

Last but definitely not least, this standing desk unit is also ideal for those tricky corner spaces. You can make the most of your office space while still taking advantage of either a sitting or standing position throughout your day. This standing desk also has ample desktop space and a tilting keyboard tray for maximum ergonomic comfort.  Now you can work in style with over 10 different options for colour. 

Cascade Corner Standing Desk, Fitneff Canada

June 13, 2018 — Rachel Piers


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I like Denali height-adjustable standing desk. Currently i am using Daytona Standing Desk and it an amazing product.

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